Introduction of J.E.T

About J.E.T

  • "J.E.T" is abbreviation for Japan Exploration Team.
  • "J.E.T" is the nonprofit institution, of which main activity is the exploration and investigation of caves.

Contents of activities

  • Inquiry and survey of a new caves
  • Inquiry of unexplored or submersion portion of caves
  • Training for improvement in exploration technique (diving, rock-climbing and Single Rope Techniques, etc.)
  • Supporting to be a good spelunker
  • Protection and mentenance of caves
  • Research and development of caving technique / equipment
  • Caving excursion for fun

Other activities

  • Various social gatherings (Opening of Surstromming <- now planning, etc.)
  • Party (B.B.Qs, New year party, etc.)

Publicity work

  • Updating the website
  • Issue of the mail magazine "EJJ"
  • Issue of a report and activity record
  • Issue of the report of activity under certain theme