Interview with leader

Our everyday life may give priority to convenience, and the life space built artificially. However we J.E.T goes and explore the caves with no light, completely dark places where are hard to even stabilize our own body to walk on. This is the world entirely different from the everyday life space.
People who has never been caving or does not know about caving, often asks me "What's inside the caves?" or "Why you go into the caves?"
For the answer to these questions, I begin to tell how wonderfull the cave is, the words are coming from my head naturally.
Am I the only one who keeps talking until the listner got tired of the long talk? No, I guess those who ever gone spelunking anyway, cannot stop talking enthusiastically, remembering the cave in memory.

Spelunking cannot be expressed with a word. That's right! It is hard to expressed with languages correctly, but there is something left in your heart.
Most of caves we go to explore is so-called untrodden spaces where human beings have still never been. There are the places where all natural environment stands against us.
There are the narrow passages which people can barely pass, vertical caves, precipitous cliff.....further more, those spaces filled with water to create the underground flows or depths-of-the-earth lakes, and all of them lies in the total darkness.
In order to get over them, we use full of various techniques such as scuba diving, rock-climbing, Single Rope Technique and mountain climbing. At such point, spelunking has the element of sports, which means, we talk each other to reach the destination in the most safty way.
Sometimes, these are the dwelling of predecessors, these are the environment where the fossil of extinct organisms is saved in the good state, we can call caves as a scientifically precious spaces, where has various learning such as archaeology, paleontology, hydrology, biology, geography, and geology etc.

In recent years, destruction of nature became a serious problem. People suddenly begin to keep nature under the flag of environmental preservation. However, it will be too late if everyone does not have the feeling to keep nature seriously in everyday life. We explorers go into the caves where the precious nature is left undestructed, which may be the environmental destruction, while we also want to keep nature.
It is a firm fact to affect environment anyway when we explorer, which cannot be disappeared no matter what environmental theory we may advocate.
Also, it is a fact that only human can recognize the caves as wonderful, precious thing. We can go there, see them, feel them and impressed by them, as the master piece of the earth created in the passage of extraordinary long time.
As long as people exist in this world from now on, there must be big influence on environment only we act in our own thoughts. But, we were born naturally to this world, then what we do might be the natural thing.
I guess it is important to recognize and consider these, environmental destruction and preservation. Never to destruct environment unnecessarily. We must try to keep them as much as we could, of course, sometimes we must keep them untouched.
Although it must be very difficult to do as I say, only human can keep the faith.

The caves are very sensitive places that are easily influenced by the change of terrestrial environment, although they seem to be totally isolated. Moreover, once they are destructed, it is hard to restore.
In fact, the points of view to the environment differ depending on each one, so the influence to the environment also may differ depending on the points of view. Still, we J.E.T always want to be the exploration team to live together with the nature.

When we were children, we just acted only by curiosity, we just wanted to see, go everywhere, we got hot toward everything.....the starting point was here even we grew up to become top-heavy.
Those who can keep them since childhood, meet the unknown world called the cave. Such fellows gathered, it is J.E.T.
From now on, J.E.T will go here and there, be impressed by the new spaces. We will leave the reflection of the wonderful world as we confirm and appreciate our existance of this time.

Leader Yoshida Katsuji